Data from the survey presented by Laura Pottorff

Data from the survey presented by Laura Pottorff

The Honey Bee Health Survey is a national project that samples apiaries across the country testing for pests, viruses and diseases and the presence of pesticides in the hives.

Laura Pottroff form the Colorado Department of Agriculture visited the Mile Hive on 7/11/17 to present the data from the Honey Bee Health Survey.

Here are some highlights of the results from the study:

  • 90% of the hives tested nationwide have Varroa Mites and 50% of those had levels high enough to warrant treatment.
  • 40% of the commercial hives tested had high levels of Varroa while 80% of the hobbyist hives had high levels
  • 90% of the hives showed a positive result for Deformed Wing Virus
  • Most of the pesticides present inside the hives were mite treatments that were applied by the beekeepers
  • 60% of the Colorado hives had mite treatments present in the hives
  • 20% had herbicides present in the hives, no glyphosate was detected
  • 5% had insecticides present, no neonicotinoids were detected, the insecticides found were both products used to treat for mosquitos

You can download the power point presentation by clicking on the link The Honey Bee Health Survey.pptx